Breeders Cup Odds and Betting Types

The Breeders’ Cup offers two days of nearly unlimited betting opportunities for horseplayers, with a wide variety of different wagers available.

Over the two-day championship event, there are literally hundreds of ways to pad your bankroll, from simply betting on a horse to win, place, or show, or placing a wager on the Ultra Pick 6 where there will be millions up for grabs.

There are unique bets like the Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classsic – Breeders’ Cup Classic Daily Double, to the Breeders’ Cup Jockey Bet, where a horseplayer can wager on what jockey is going to win the most races over the two days.

There are 10-cent Superfectas, rolling Pick 3’s and Daily Doubles, 50-cent Pick 3’s and 4’s, and the traditional trifecta (with a 50-cent increment) is available on every race.

One of the newest bets is the Super Hi-5, which basically is a superfecta plus one, which could produce a life changing score for lucky horseplayers.

Confused? Here is a quick explanation of the Breeders’ Cup wagers that will be available at Santa Anita on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

Win, Place, Show

The most traditional of all bets, a Win wager is as simple as it sounds. Place a Win wager on one horse and if the horse wins, you win. Place wagering involves your horse finishing first or second, and if you place a Show wager, you just need your horse to finish in the top three spots to cash your ticket.


The Exacta involves correctly selecting the top two finishers in a race. An Exacta Box with a $2 increment would cost $4 and if your two horses finish first and second in any order, you win. The Exacta can pay well in Breeders’ Cup races. The 1999 Classic with Cat Thief (20/1) and Budroyale (26/1) paid $1,209.60. The 1993 Exacta with 133/1 longshot Arcangues with 6/5 betting favorite Bertrando paid $1,015.40.

Daily Double

The Daily Double is similar to the Exacta, only you are looking to pick the winner of two consecutive races. The Breeders’ Cup will having Rolling Doubles, meaning you can start a Daily Double play with any race.

Trifecta and Superfecta

The Trifecta involves selecting the top three finishers, and there is usually a 50-cent minimum. This year’s Breeders’ Cup will offer 10-cent Superfectas, meaning even horseplayers with a small bankroll can look to make a good score. With a Superfecta wager, a horseplayer must select the correct order of the top four finishers in the race.

Super Hi-5

If trying to hit a Superfecta is not challenging enough, how about trying to correctly predict the top five finishers in a race? This year’s Ladies’ Classic and Classic will have Super Hi-5 wagering. Last year’s Classic Hi-5 with Blame (5/1), Zenyatta (1/1), Fly Down (26/1), Lookin At Lucky (9/2), and Paddy O’Prado (33/1) paid $7,043.40.

Pick 3 and Pick 4

The Pick 3 involves selecting the winner in three consecutive races, and for the Pick 4 a horseplayer must pick the winner correctly in four straight races. Both wagers this year at Churchill Downs will be a 50-cent increment, giving horseplayers a good opportunity to spread out their tickets looking for a big score.

Ultra Pick 6

With a guaranteed pool, the Ultra Pick 6 will give horseplayers an opportunity to win millions. The minimum bet for the Ultra Pick 6 is $2, and like the other wagers, it means horseplayers have to select the correct winner in six straight races. Last year’s Ultra Pick 6 paid $800,160.40.

Some Racebooks will be offering future wagers and head to head matchup bets on the Breeders’ Cup races.

No matter the size of your bankroll, the Breeders’ Cup offers the best variety of horse betting all year.